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Diy Conditioners Course (Book 4, Diy Hair Products): A Primer On How To Make Proper Hair Conditioners (Neno Natural'S Diy Hair Products)

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In the fourth book in the DIY Hair Products Series, Heather shows you how to make your own conditioner by introducing you to the most common ingredients that make a conditioner. The book also takes you through the hair benefits of different essential oils so that you can make more natural conditioners, if you wish.

After whipped butters, conditioners are probably the second most exciting product to make. The most fascinating moment in the process happens when you have heated up two sets of ingredients, oil-based ones and water-based ones, and you bring them together. In that instant, they go from two clear solutions to a yummy yogurt-like cream. It feels like magic.

How Does The DIY Hair Product Series Work?

Knowledge on formulating is built up from one book to the next.

Book 1, DIY Hot Oil Treatments Course, discusses carrier oils in great depth as well as how to mix carrier oils and essential oils to create powerful, custom hot oil treatments.

Book 2, DIY Hair Butters Course, discusses vegetable butters in detail as well as how to mix vegetable butters, carrier oils and essential oils to create rich, custom whipped butters for body and hair.

Book 3, DIY Shampoos Course, covers the chemistry of water and surfactants as well as how to make a quality shampoo.

Book 4, DIY Conditioners Course, covers three categories of ingredients in depth: cationic polymers and compounds, fatty alcohols and essential oils and how to make custom conditioners for your hair type and specific hair issues.

Book 5, DIY Moisturizers Course, covers most of the other ingredients that go into hair care formulations; namely: emollients, film formers, humectants, preservatives, proteins and silicones.

Book 6, DIY Detanglers Course, covers specific hydrosols. In addition the appendixes help one to build a hair care routine and improve the formulators understanding of hair by explaining its structure, the different types of hair as well as the many hair issues.

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